Kameshwari Vydic Services

Kameshwari Vydic Servies was founded in 2013. The Company offers to individuals, organizations and businesses the most authentic and effective traditional Yagyas (sacred ceremonies), Homams (ancient fire ceremonies), and Pujas and Abhishekams as prescribed in the Vedas and Shastras, the holy Indian scriptures. By utilizing the sound vibrations of specific Sanskrit mantras, these performances can help alleviate many problems of our modern times.

The Center has facilities near Hyderabad, Telangana, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, and Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The Company employees a core group of over 15 Vedic Pandits representing all 4 branches of the Vedas, who are experts in different kinds of yagyas, homams, Pujas & Abhishekams, Vigraha Prathista, Shanthulu and Vrathams.

Kameshwari Vydic Services provide Spiritual services based on your requirement. We provide you with cost effective solutions for spiritual services. No matter whether the service is held at home, office or Temple. Our services are designed to help you and your family attain divine blessings of peace, prosperity and good luck through sincerely performed our services. No event or order is too big or too small for us. We treat every order with utmost care for giving you the best service possible to you.

  • To provide the most effective, traditional Vedic yagyas, pujas and other remedial measures to assist individuals and organizations in achieving their desires in daily life
  • To always provide these services with honesty, integrity, pure consciousness and complete client satisfaction

Some of Our Spiritual Services are :

  • Temple Services
  • Yagya Services
  • Homa Services
  • japa/ Shanti Services
  • Pooja Services
  • Purohith Services
  • Kalyanam Services
  • Muhurthm Services
  • Astrology Services
  • Numerology Services
  • Spiritual Tours
  • Spiritual Events

EPooja Store

Epooja store offering a large variety of Pooja products that are needed and used in Vedic rituals for performing any small or large Vedic ritual. We provide high quality products carefully selected and listed by our team of expert Vedic Pundits. We also offer to provide give you a big choice to choose from many different variety of products from our store for your Temple Poojas, Deity Sevas and Vigraha Pratista for all kinds of needs. We are dealing with wide range of “Pooja products”, like pooja Samagri – carefully selected and well pre-packaged kits for … all Homas Poojas and Vrathams.

Some of Our Pooja Products :

  • Pooja Samagri Kits
  • Homa Samagri
  • Yantralu
  • Cotton Wicks
  • Oils and Cow Ghee
  • Mulugu Products
  • Rudrakshalu
  • Rosaries
  • Temple Needs
  • Gift Items